Next Steps

Whether you are a new believer or have been following Jesus Christ for a while, here are six "next steps" you can take to draw closer to Christ and live out your faith to the fullest.

Scripture  teaches  that all  believers  should  be  baptized,  since  it  becomes  a  moment  that  they  can demonstrate  their  repentance  and  willingness  to take  up  the  will  of  God  (Matthew  28:19-20,  Acts 2:38, 41; 8:12) .  In  other  words,  baptism  is  an opportunity  for  new  believers  to  publicly  proclaim what  God  has  done  in  their  lives  through  Christ.  As a  believer  is  immersed  into  the  water,  they  declare that  they  have  died  to  their  old  selfish  ways  or  sins. And  as  they  come  out  of  the  water,  they  declare how  Christ  has  cleansed  them  from  their  sins  to live  a  new  life  for  God's  will  (Romans  6:1-4). Therefore,  we  encourage  all  new  believers  to  be baptized  and  declare  what  God  has  done  for  them.  Click  the  tab  below  to  sign-up  today!

Devotion  is  how  we  live  in  relationship  with  God.  Just  like  any other  relationship,  you  have  to  learn  more  about  God,  talk  to Him,  and  love  those  whom  He  loves.  So,  that  requires  us  to read  the  Bible,  pray,  be  in community  with  other  believers,  and share  our  faith.  But  you  may  wonder,  "How  do  I  read  the  Bible,  pray,  be  in  community  with  other  believers,  and  share  my faith?"  Well  great  question!  As  the  Church,  we  are  here  to help.  Below  you  find  a  tab  that  will  direct  you  to  some  resources  to  help  you  with  these  areas.  If you  have  any  questions,  then  fill  out  the  "contact  form"  below and  we  would  be  happy  to  help  you.

Like  we  said  above,  being  in  relationship  with  God  requires  to  be  in  relationship  with  those  whom  He  loves,  which  is  the Church.  And  there  is  no  better  way  to  be  in  relationship  with the  Church  than  groups.  By  signing-up  for  groups,  you  will receive  a  family  who  assists  each  other  in  their  daily  lives  to draw  closer  to  God.  So,  we  encourage  you  find  out  more about  groups  and  to  sign-up  by  clicking  the  tab  below.

In  1  Corinthians  12  and  Ephesians  4,  Apostle  Paul  explains  that  every  believer  has  been  given  different  gifts  to build  up  other  believers  as  we  grow  together  into  maturity  of  Christ.  In other  words,  every  believer  has  a  part  to  play  in  the Church, and  how  you  can  play  your  part  is  through  serving/volunteering.  So,  by  serving  at  Happy  Home  Church,  you  are  able  to  use  your natural  and God-given  gifts  to  make  an  impact  on  the  family  of God.  Click  the  tab  below  to  get  more  information  and  how  to sign-up  today.  

In  Matthew  28:19-20,   Jesus  commands  His   followers  to  "go"  and  "make"  more  "disciples."  But  we  understand  that  sharing one's  faith  may  be  scary  or  confusing  on  how  to  do  it.  So,  we  have  created  an  opportunity  known  as  our  Missions  Teams  to  assist  you  in  sharing  your  faith.  Through  this  opportunity,  you  will  be  in  a  safe  environment  of  learning  with  other  believers as  you  all  work  together  to  share  the  love  of  Christ.  Therefore, we  encourage  you  to  click  the  tab  below  to  find  out more about  this  opportunity  and  to  sign-up  for  a  Missions  Team.

In  the  New  Testament,  the  Church  is  not  viewed  as  separate  individuals  who  only  come  to  church  to  hear  the  sermon  on  Sunday  morning.  Instead,  it  is  every  follower  of  Christ  who  comes  and  works  together  as  one  to  meet  each  other's  needs  on  a  daily  basis  as  they  all  grow  together  into  the  maturity  of  Christ  (1  Corinthians  12;  Ephesians  4).  Therefore,  Happy  Home  Church  creates  the  opportunity  for  you  to  live  this  truth  out  by  becoming  a  partner  with  us.

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