What is a Partner?

How do I Become a Partner?

A Partner is someone who chooses to take the next steps in their commitment to Happy Home Church. They have decided that they no longer want be a bystander who only attends church to receive, but a partner who wants to serve and seek the growth of Happy Home Church. They realize that Happy Home Church is where God has placed them to not only be transformed but to impact those around them. In other words, Happy Home Church becomes their family and home church in which they seek its benefit for the expansion of God's kingdom on earth.  
The steps of becoming a partner begins by filling out the interest form below. Once you fill out this form, then you will receive an email or text message from our Lead Pastor. He will setup an appointment with you to meet in person to discuss Happy Home Church's beliefs, mission/vision, core values, history, leadership, and expectations. The point of this meeting is to make sure you understand who Happy Home Church is and the direction we are heading in, so you can decide if you truly want to partner with us. Finally, if you are in agreement with the things mentioned above and want to continue in the process of becoming a partner, then the church partners will take a vote to affirm you partnership.

Are You Interested in being a Partner?

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